2017 zhuhai huyin electronic Spring Festival holiday notice

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Old and new customers, Chinese electronic department:

       According to the general office of the state council in 2017 during the Spring Festival holiday notice spirit, combined with the actual situation, the company in 2017, the company determined the related matters of the Spring Festival vacation notice are arranged as following:


1. anuary 21, 2017, February 5, 16 days, the official start of work on Monday 6 February.

2. During the holiday period, please call our regional leaders' mobile phones directly for business and technical consultation.

3, please understand that the goods are not arranged for shipment due to logistics and company holidays during the Spring Festival.

4. Four, Spring Festival vacation time is longer, we can arrange to go out tourism, to visit friends and relatives, to relax during the holiday, at the end of the long vacation devoting themselves to their work and life, after holiday to arrive on time.

5. The department must make sure that the safety of the day before the holiday will be done, and the department will turn off the power supply, lock the doors and Windows, and ensure safety.

  During the holiday, please pay attention to the safety of the holiday, and wish you a happy New Year! The year of the rooster is high, red and hot.

                                                                                                                      Zhuhai huyin electronic technology co., LTD

                                                                                                                                                              On January 13, 2017