May Day Labor Day Holiday Notice

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Members new and old customers, various departments:

       It is the year of May Day Labor Day is approaching, May Day Labor Day is the world's more than 80 national festivals, so it is the world's working people jointly owned the festival. Labor not only created the human beings, so that mankind from the barbaric to civilization, but also to create the civilization of mankind to evergreen. According to the General Administration of the State Council 2017 "May Day" Labor Day holiday notice spirit, combined with the actual situation of our company, now my company 2017 "May Day" Labor Day holiday arrangements and related matters are as follows:

One, April 29 to May 1 holiday. Which on April 29 (Saturday), April 30 (Sunday) for the public holiday, May 1 (Monday) for the statutory holidays, May 2 (Tuesday) normal work.

Second, during the holiday, such as the relevant business, technical advice, please call my company in charge of the regional mobile phone.

Third, if the reasons for the company can not arrange shipping arrangements please understand, please do the customer product inventory.

Fourth, the departments must do a good job before the holiday self-check work, leave to close the power, lock the doors and windows to ensure safety.

       Work to create a happy future, hands shop accessible road, hard work flowers bloom, sweat watering beautiful life.  HUAIN all my colleagues wish you happy Labor Day!

ZhuHai HUAIN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

April 28, 2017